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This whitepaper addresses the significant challenges facing the healthcare industry, particularly regarding the well-being of its staff. It highlights the dire consequences of a shortage of healthcare workers, exacerbated by COVID-19, leading to increased burnout, mental health issues, and a significant number of professionals leaving the field. Notably, 1 in 5 healthcare workers (HCWs) quit their jobs in 2020.

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Medical peer review is how hospitals get feedback on the quality of care they provide. In its current state, the mandatory process needs to be revised due to bias, inefficiencies, and resource limitations. Since rural hospitals have less access to specialists per capita compared to their urban counterparts, these facilities must look beyond internal review to improve their systems.


Medplace's external peer review services helped multiple facilities quickly find medical experts and receive valuable feedback on their quality of care.

  • What is Clinical Peer Review?
  • Peer Review Structure
  • Peer Review Cognitive Biases

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